Movies on the Square in Kingsbridge 19/08/2021

Kingsbridge Town Council has been showing Movies on the Square to bring the community together and encourage visitors.

The footage is from their showing of Mamma Mia on Friday 13 August, what a fantastic atmosphere!


Kingsbridge Town Council’s Movies on the Square series is an innovative project to help bring the community together and rebuild the town’s economy post-Covid, which has been a key topic for many of Devon’s councils as restrictions come to an end.

The council had two main aims with Movies on the Square; they wanted to encourage people to arrive into Kingsbridge early on a Friday night to watch the film, helping to give town’s night-time economy a post-Covid boost. The movies were also intended to give both locals and visitors to the town a morale boost, by providing a fun event to enjoy with families and friends in a Covid-safe outdoor space. Many communities are enjoying coming back together to spend time with friends and family, and this one of the fantastic ways that councils can help support that with a joint benefit of boosting the economy. It’s also a great way of showcasing the town itself and using the community square which is accessible to all.

When deciding how to promote the event, the council consciously decided to use their social media rather than traditional press releases in order to appeal to their anticipated audience. As well as using Facebook, the council has an active Instagram page where they can post photos, videos and stories. Their social media has seen lots of engagement, with members of the public excited about the project and suggesting more movies for the future; the council are already keen to continue the movies next year! If you’d like to learn more about how to use social media for your council, why not check out the social media courses in our communications training.

We love hearing your stories, so please do tell us what you and your council have been up to! We’re particularly keen to hear about any summer events that have been running!