CiLCA Support Programme

Our CiLCA Support Programme guides you through your Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA) – a portfolio based, level 3, foundation qualification designed specifically for local council officers.

Our CiLCA Support Programme guides you through the portfolio with training sessions and ongoing mentoring to help you complete the qualification.

Why do CiLCA?

CiLCA helps officers to become more aware of the law and procedures for local councils.  It checks that officers can manage the councils activities, its finances and community engagement.  CiLCA can help your council achieve standards of good practice and builds the reputation of local councils in a fast changing world. Read more about the qualification.

Who can take CiLCA?

Any officer can take CiLCA to learn more about how local councils work.  They should have at least six months (preferably 12 months) experience and have undertaken basic knowledge training before starting.

How long does it take?

It might take between six months and a year to complete CiLCA.  On average, you might complete one task each week.  There are 30 tasks in total.

What is the DALC CiLCA Support Programme?

Our CiLCA Support Programme has been designed to offer the best possible support to students undertaking the qualification. Through our CiLCA Recognised Trainers we can support you with:

  • Training. 7 courses (one month apart) which take you through each step of the portfolio, building your confidence through exercises and discussion.  You will leave each session knowing how to approach each learning outcome, signposted to useful resources, and knowing the pitfalls to avoid.
  • Mentoring. 12 months of mentoring support; offered either one-to-one or in our monthly online drop ins, to help you overcome any barriers standing in your way. We can review submissions, consider assessor feedback or simply guide you on how to structure your submissions to help you achieve success.
  • Community. Join our DALC CiLCA Students Facebook Group and chat with other local students undertaking CiLCA at the same time as you.  Discuss ideas, share thoughts and support one another.  Our CiLCA Trainers are also on hand to support your discussions.

Our CiLCA Support Programme is excellent value at just £300 + VAT per student, exclusive of the registration fee (£410) which you will need to pay to the SLCC to complete CiLCA.

If you’re interested, then get in touch with us to see how we can support you.