A new logo for Buckland Brewer Parish Council! 06/06/2023

Buckland Brewer Parish Council has a new logo reflecting the community’s heritage and landscape. This is a project they’ve been thinking about for years and is an excellent way to highlight the council’s work around the parish, raising their profile!


The new logo came about because:

  • the council had been discussing having an official letterhead for some time and,
  • councillors had reflected that parishioners weren’t acknowledging projects that the council had carried out which may have been because the council wasn’t highlighting their involvement

The clerk and the council’s webmaster were very keen to make Buckland Brewer Parish Council more visible, with compelling communication for all parishioners. They wanted an eye-catching logo that would be immediately recognisable as a council communication in any medium.

They decided on bespoke branding to reflect Buckland Brewer’s heritage and the webmaster came up with the very effective design you can see above. The design references shapes on key local landmarks (see below), and the wavy lands are a nod to the surrounding landscape and Buckland Brewer’s heritage as a rural farming community. On the footer design for letters or compliment slips (see the bottom of this page), a gold tractor has been added on the hill as a tongue-in-cheek touch reflecting that tractors are constant in the area.

The five petalled flower echoes shaped windows in both the Church of St Mary and St Benedict, and the Methodist Chapel.

A triquetra (celtic knot) appears on the war memorial

All feedback from parishioners on the new logo has been very positive. The council is using the logo on everything relating to the council, which they have found a relatively easy way to raise the council’s profile, especially with newer residents and a slightly younger demographic.

If you’re interested in doing something similar for your council, they recommend using a new design and steering away from the past. The clerk initially starting researching coats of arms, prominent people and other historic references for inspiration, but it quickly became clear that some imagery and personal history could be deemed ‘problematic’ today, especially with a deep delve. Plus, a brand new logo is a great opportunity for creativity and a fresh start!

Thanks to Buckland Brewer Parish Council for sending us this story, we often recommend a logo to councils who don’t have one as an effective way to raise your profile and make sure you get credit for all the great things you do! A logo can go on your benches, bins or buildings, as well as your letters.

If you have a story you’re proud of, then please do send it to us, we love to hear from our member councils.