A very busy 2022 for Kingsteignton Town Council! 01/01/2023

Kingsteignton Town Council has had a very busy 2022 with a number of different events and services happening throughout the year to support their community!

Kingsteignton Town Council launched a community food larder (pictured above), situated in the Community Hall and aiming to support residents who are struggling financially who can take what they need and bring what they can. The local Co-op store supported the larder by making donations.

The Kingsteignton Wild group of volunteers held a competition for children to design a sticker for the Kingsteignton Nature Trail, and winners were presented with their prizes at the opening of the new playpark.

Kingsteignton Wild also participated in a Newton Abbot event promoting the need for encouraging swifts to nest; these amazing birds are in flight full time, and only ever land to nest. Kingsteignton Town Council has recently installed six swift nesting boxes on the council office building; although having swifts nesting may take up to five years, the boxes may be used by smaller species such as blue tits and sparrows.

The ancient tradition of Beating the Bounds, walking the parish boundaries, was carried over two weekends in August. Walks were led by Kingsteignton Town Councillors and totalled 17.2 miles. Participants were presented with a medal and certificate.

Mayor Ron Peart said: “I would like to thank all who took part, land owners who gave permission to cross their land, councillors who led the walk, medics who attended and council staff who helped to organise this special event. My wife and I did this walk 8 years ago, 17.2 miles over two days, and decided once was enough!”

Clifford Park was renovated with the new play area being opened in August by Lord Clifford, who previously owned the land. The park also includes a BMX skate ramp, table tennis table, MUGA ball court, ball catcher and a full range of fitness equipment.

Kingsteignton in Bloom awards were presented in August at an event at The Old Rydon Inn, with everyone enjoying a light buffets and winners being presented with cups, certificates and a prize of a voucher for a garden centre.

The council has installed a ‘Happy to Chat’ bench at the Fountain in Kingsteignton, a bench which invites anyone to sit and chat, which can enhance your mood, mental health and promote happiness.

The Town Council, as with many of our member councils, also had a busy year celebrating the Platinum Jubilee and paying their respects to HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Kingsteignton Town Council planted a tree as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy scheme with a plaque, unveiled by Lord Clifford, and marking the Platinum Jubilee 2022.

A royal cake bake competition was held; look at this amazing street party cake with a union jack hidden inside!

The town council helped primary schools marked the Platinum Jubilee by donating a weeping silver birch tree to each of the schools, along with a time capsule which pupils could fill with items. The time capsules were buried by the town council by the tree when it was planted.

Thank you so much to Kingsteignton Town Council for sharing everything they’ve been up to in 2022! They’ve had such a big year, and it’s lovely to see all these photos and information.

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