Broadhempston plants a community orchard 30/03/2020

Broadhempston Community Orchard

We recently heard from Broadhempston Parish Council who planted a community orchard at the end of November. This initiative links with the parish council’s climate emergency declaration and was embraced by local residents.

Children from Broadhempston Primary School planted 38 trees, with community volunteers helping to fence and protect the trees. The community will continue to plant trees and lay hedges over the winter. In the future, they will be adding seating, a shelter, BBQ areas and pizza oven. To increase biodiversity they will be hanging bird boxes. The new community space will be used to host wassails, blossom festivals and other annual events.

Cllr Nicholas Wright said: “the parish council really wanted to make something of the paddock that the parish could enjoy. We are so lucky in Broadhempston to enjoy many different spaces and resources including our fantastic new village hall facilities, our recreational ground and pavilion at Headlands, two small playgrounds, a vibrant community village shop, a thriving annual village fete and many excellent clubs and societies. The Community Orchard provides another very different kind of resource with quiet corners and open group spaces with amazing views of the surrounding hills. The fruit will be available for everyone and we have chosen a large range of species including local, regional and a few international varieties. We want to see this space being used by people as well as encouraging traditional rural skills and natural habitat. John Hoyle, Jane Collings and Peter Stevens have been instrumental in pushing this project forward in time to plant this year and it would not have been possible without all their hard work, though this is just the beginning!”

Thank you to Broadhempston Parish Council for telling us about your project. If any other members have a project that they’re especially proud of, then please contact us to let us know; we love hearing from you!