Clerks Summer Socials 2023 20/06/2023

Time for our Clerks Summer Socials! An opportunity to join DALC and the Devon branch of the Society for Local Council Clerks to socialise, network and enjoy a free cream tea

The Clerks Summer Socials are free events which we host every summer; we are so excited to see everyone again this year! The Summer Socials are the perfect opportunity for clerks to have a cream tea and a chat with other clerks from a range of councils, as well as well as meeting your DALC officers and officers from the Devon branch of the SLCC (Society for Local Council Clerks).

Feedback in the past has shown the value of these events for clerks to meet other clerks in their area, build support networks and develop friendships. We know your time is precious with lots to do and not enough time but please do take this chance to take some time out to join us.

This year, following popular demand, we have organised a fourth event in West Devon so we’re delighted to have four events taking place in 2023:

We’d love to see you there so just book your place through the links above, or email us to let us know you’ll be coming and which event you’ll be attending. We’re looking forward to seeing you all!