Covid-19: an opportunity for change? Take part in academic research! 01/07/2021

The clerk at Broadclyst Parish Council is inviting clerks and councillors across the southwest to take part in academic research for her dissertation.

The academic research study titled “Covid-19: an opportunity for change for Town and Parish Councils?” is being done by Mrs Angie Hurren as partial completion of a BA Honours degree in Community Governance through De Montfort University.

Covid has brought many changes in our lives; the research will investigate what, if any, changes Covid has caused in Town and Parish Councils.  The research will comprise completion of a short survey that should take no more than ten minutes to complete. On completion, the survey will ask participants to indicate if they would be willing to participate in a more in-depth interview which, due to Covid restrictions, will likely take place over the telephone or via an online platform, and will take around 15 minutes to complete.

Participation is voluntary; by submitting a response to the survey, you will imply that you have consented to participate. You have the right and ability to withdraw at any time. Please download the Participant Information sheet and Research Participant Consent Form here.

Data protection: all survey data will be anonymised and will not be shared with other students. The educational supervisor will access to the data.

Withdrawal from the survey: Data that has already been collected will be deleted from the research where it is possible to so. A consent form will be provided separately.

Link to survey: Click here to access the survey

Contact points for further information:

Researcher: Angie Hurren, Broadclyst Parish Council, 01392 360269

Supervisor: Johnathan Bourne, SLCC, 01823 253646

Thank you for taking the time to participate – the University says that most researchers only get 10% response rate, so get the kettle on, sit down with a cuppa, let’s show De Montfort that we can do much better than that in the Westcountry!

The survey closes Friday 23rd July 2021.