Elections and Coronation guidance in our Knowledge Bank 08/03/2023

We have updated our Elections guidance and created an Elections FAQs to help guide you through the upcoming council elections. We’ve also created a Coronation webpage to gather ideas and advice for celebrating the Coronation!

Devon has local council elections coming up in May 2023, which can be a bewildering process for anyone new to councils and even those who have gone through the election cycle before. In addition to our Preparing for Elections training, we also have updated our elections guidance in our Knowledge Bank to help you understand what might be coming up.

We’ve also created an Elections FAQs, covering just some of the questions we get asked about the elections, so you can find a quick answer to any query you may have. As always, if you can’t find an answer on our website or need any further help, then please don’t hesitate to contact our Advice Service.

Putting yourself forward for election can also be a confusing time, so we’ve created this Elections Guide for Candidates for any potential election candidates this year whether you’re a returning councillor or completely new to local councils – please feel free to share the guide in your communities as you promote the elections!

Coronation 2023

This year, the Coronation being held on Saturday 6 May, is also having an impact on local election timelines. We have created a dedicated webpage with guidance on the plans laid out by the palace, some suggestions for organising different events, and a breakdown of what various councils in Devon are doing to celebrate. We hope this will be a useful resource for your council, and will build a picture of how Devon is celebrating.

If you haven’t yet told us how your council is celebrating the coronation, then please do take a moment to complete this short survey; it’s really useful to know what councils are planning!