Introducing our Connect Events 11/10/2023

Engaging with member councils is a cornerstone of DALC’s mission. We are delighted to be introducing ‘Connect Events’ which will be instrumental in bringing councils together; to connect with DALC, to connect with each other, and to connect with other agencies whose work impacts our communities.

A primary goal of these events is to foster information sharing and collaboration.  We want to create a space where councils can engage in open and constructive discussions, receive timely information, and to pool our collective wisdom so DALC can effectively represent its membership, and help shape local policy which supports our communities. 

 Our connect events will provide a valuable source of knowledge and updates for councils.  In a frequently changing world, access to information is important for councils to make informed decisions.  We want our connect events to provide a direct channel for councils to stay up to date with the latest developments. 

 The connect events are also about building relationships too.  Councils, with their own unique experiences, can learn from one another, share insights, and build connections – with each other and hopefully other agencies too. 

 As we embark on this journey, we invite all councils to participate actively in these events – where collaboration flourishes, engagement thrives, information flows, and our network strengthens. 

Upcoming Connect Events:

Tackling Devon’s housing crisis: Learn more about the Devon Housing Commission 

It is no secret that Devon is in the grip of a housing crisis.  DALC has heard from numerous parishes about the rise of second home ownership, increasing short-term rental accommodation, and the lack of social and affordable housing in communities. Join this session to hear from Lord Richard Best, Chairman of the Housing Commission that has been established by the Devon Housing Task Force to tackle the crisis.  

Wednesday 25 October, 10am, on Zoom. This is a free online event, read more and register here.

A Devolution Deal for Devon: What is in the Devolution Deal, and why will it benefit Devon’s communities?

Devolution is a transfer of powers and funding from national to local government, and is important because they facilitate decision-making closer to people, communities and businesses. Since 2022, local authority partners and government officers have been working to prepare a final deal for Devon. But what does the deal contain? How will it benefit our communities? Hear from Phill Adams, Programme Lead for the Devolution Deal on the current status of the deal, what powers and funding will be included, and proposals for how the deal will be governed locally.

Thursday 9 November, 10am, on Zoom. This is a free online event, read more and register here.

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Councils recently came together at our AGM; catch up with the proceedings, and take the chance to have your say about what matters to you and your council including what other topics you might be interested in exploring through our Connect Events