Nominations for Buckingham Palace Garden Party 2023 06/02/2023

There are tickets available for a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace and we are welcoming nominations from our member councils as to who should have one of these limited tickets.

An opportunity for DALC members to attend a Buckingham Palace Garden Party! NALC is in receipt of 100 tickets to two Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace this year. Devon ALC has been allocated 4 tickets (2 pairs) for the Party on Tuesday 9th May 2023, and it is always a pleasure to be able to nominate individuals from our membership to attend.

We are therefore welcoming nominations from our members councils as to who should have one of these limited tickets. This year, the themes the palace wishes to promote are youth (young adults), community, diversity and sustainability.

There are strict rules on the nomination process (set by the Palace, not us!), so please read the following guidance:

  • Invitations are in recognition of PAST SERVICE OF PARISH CHAIRMAN AND TOWN MAYORS only, and it is therefore appropriate that only outgoing members, rather than those newly selected, should be invited to attend.
  • Under data protection legislation, an individual’s consent is required to process their personal data for the purpose of nominating them to attend a Garden Party. You need to obtain consent to process their data from all nominees prior to submitting the completed form.
  • Nominated and accompanying guests must NOT have previously attended a Garden Party. It would be helpful if you could check this before submitting their names to us to avoid any disappointment and embarrassment. Once a name has been submitted it is not possible to make any changes to the list.
  • All nominated guests should be accompanied unless he or she specifically requests otherwise.
  • All nominated guests must be British, Commonwealth or European Union citizens with pre-settled or settled status, although their spouse, partner or companion may be of other nationalities. All guests, nominated or accompanying, must be resident in the United Kingdom.
  • Please note there will be no parking facilities offered this year with the exception of disability badge (Blue Badge) holders who may apply for parking. Regrettably no exceptions will be allowed. Requests for disabled access should be entered on the nomination form as in previous years. An additional form will be included with the nominee’s invitation requesting details of their disability badge, upon receipt of which a parking label will be sent to the guest.

As always there is a very tight deadline for submitting nominations. Please can nominations be made via this form by 2pm, Monday 13 February.

 The two successful nominees, and their guests, shall be notified in the afternoon on Monday 13 February. Nominees will be chosen at random i.e. via pulling names from a hat.

If you have any further questions, please do contact us.