Nominations open for elections to NALC committees and leadership posts 2022/23 15/09/2021

NALC has opened up the nomination process for elections to NALC committees and leadership posts for 2022/23

The NALC committees elections are in two parts:

  1. Elections for National Assembly members onto NALC committees
  2. Direct elections for councillors and clerks onto the Larger Councils Committee or the Smaller Councils Committee

National Assembly Elections

The primary objective of the National Assembly is to oversee the delivery of NALC’s objectives as set out in the constitution, to represent the interests of the local councils in England to provide support and coordination to aspects of the work of local councils.

NALC is looking for passionate, committed, enthusiastic local councillors with the right skills to serve on its National Assembly, and governing committees, and to support county associations’ work.

The elections will be held in December 2021 and nominations are open now. More information on what positions are open and how to apply can be found here.

Larger Councils Committee

A larger council is defined as an electorate of over 6000 and/or an annual budgeted income of £600,000. NALC’s Larger Councils Committee serves the interests of larger councils by developing, formulating and responding to policy issues affecting larger councils by providing a range of national services including legal or direct access councils and having oversight of the NALC larger council offer. The committee consists of:

  • Four elected members of the National Assembly
  • Four elected clerks
  • Two Super Councils’ Network members
  • Eight directly elected councillors

This election is for the four elected clerks, two Super Councils’ Network members and eight directly elected councillors. See here for the nomination process.

Smaller Councils Committee

A smaller council is one that does not fall into the definition of a larger council (see above). Working within the wider governance structure of NALC, the committee will promote and represent the interests of smaller councils and parish meetings. The committee consists of:

  • Five elected members of the National Assembly
  • Three directly elected members representing smaller councils as nominated by county associations and drawn from clerks and members of smaller councils and county staff dealing with smaller councils.

The election is for three directly elected members only. See here for the nomination process.