Rural Crime Campaign launched by Crimestoppers 16/08/2021

Crimestoppers have launched a rural crime campaign to raise public awareness of rural crimes, with a different focus each week in August.

Throughout August, Crimestoppers are running a Rural Crime Campaign working to keep rural communities safe. The campaign lets people know how they can report rural crime through the mottoes of ‘Speak Up. Stay Safe’ and ‘100% anonymous. Always’.

Each week in August, the campaign will focus on a different element of rural crime. The first week focused on wildlife crime such as hare coursing, poaching, badger baiting and bat crime. Last week focused on environment crime including arson, heritage crime, agricultural waste, waste crime and large scale dumping. This week, from 18 August, focuses on theft of machinery, livestock, ATM, cables, fuel and on equine crime.

Rural communities are often aware of criminal activity but may prefer not to speak to the police for a variety of reasons, which is why Crimestoppers are trying to raise awareness of their anonymous service. They have been working with partners and supporters to gather prevention tips to help protect rural residents, their livestock and possessions as well awareness raising signs to spot to stay vigilant to potential criminal activity.

The comprehensive social media campaign aims to speak to rural residents, farm owners, business owners and visitors to rural areas to help encourage them to speak up to stop rural crime.

Councils can help get the message out by sharing on social media and on the ground. You can order a campaign pack of posters, leaflets and window stickers to use in rural communities along with posters and leaflets. In addition, you can retweet or share existing posts on social media by Crimestoppers or other partner organisations, or can make your own. The partner pack below may help you to share the rural crime campaign with your members and also features downloadable posters along with template social media posts; remember to use the hashtag #ruralcrime.

Rural Crime Campaign – Partner Pack