Slow Ways – Can you help? 26/01/2023

Guest Post: Can you assemble a team to help with Slow Ways this winter?

Slow Ways has an exciting challenge ahead of us in 2023. We are looking for Councils that could walk, review and verify all of their town’s Slow Ways in a single day or week. Just three people could walk, review and verify a town in a number of days, so just think what you could do with a team of 30.

Could your council help us test and learn the best way to do that?

This will help us with launching a larger campaign to engage groups and organisations in every town and city in Great Britain this spring.

There would be a number of benefits to your organisation taking part, including:

  • Giving your team time and space to connect
  • Fulfilling volunteer, wellbeing or environment days
  • Giving your local community a verified walking network
  • Making the case for better access and paths
  • Health and wellbeing benefits for your team
  • Feeling good about being part of a positive national effort
  • An opportunity to celebrate your contributions with your communities

The experiences and learning will be used to inspire and support hundreds more groups and organisations to follow in your footsteps.

We are looking for groups and organisations that can:

  • Assemble a team of 3- 30+ people
  • Walk all of a town’s Slow Ways this February or March
  • Be able to self-organise and be willing to feed back on how it has gone

You might be thinking that it’s too chilly in February and March to get involved? The draw is strong to stay inside and shield from the weather but at Slow Ways we try to think differently. When the seasons are slower and indoor evenings long and dark it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and reflect with our teams… It’s exactly the time for walking Slow Ways!

Join us to find out more – we are hosting a series of online information sessions on Monday January 30th where you can hear from the founder and receive more information, tools and tips to get going.