South Brent Parish Council announces their Community Champions 2021-22 14/04/2022

South Brent Parish Council has awarded their Community Champion awards for 2021-22; a great way to celebrate the community and raise the council’s profile!

Many councils look for new ways to raise their council’s profiles within their community and South Brent Parish Council’s Community Champion Awards are a great way to do this, while also providing an excellent way to celebrate the community. The council gives two awards, Community Champion and Young Community Champion, with nominations from members of the public.

South Brent Parish Council Community Champion 2021-22

They received two nominations for Community Champion and gave the award to South Brent Pharmacy. Although Community Champion is historically awarded to an individual, the council was so impressed by the community spirit and excellent service demonstrated by the pharmacy, they decided to break with tradition.

The pharmacy is an extremely important facility in the community, giving excellent service with staff of the highest quality. The pharmacist puts himself out to serve the community; during a period of very bad weather, he stayed in the flat above the shop so the pharmacy could open as normal.

South Brent Parish Council Young Community Champion 2021-22

The Young Community Champion was awarded to Holly Chapman-Burden who is part of Dartside Explorers, always giving one hundred percent. She also volunteers as a young leader with the Ivybridge Scout Group, setting an excellent example and taking care of others in the unit.

Pictured (right): Cllr Glyn Richards (Chairman of the Parish Council) and Holly Chapman-Burden.

Pictured (above): Trish Luker, Phil Beard (pharmacist), Cllr Glyn Richards (Chairman of the Parish Council), Rachael Timmins and Russell Porter.

We love reading the ways that councils work with their communities and raise their profiles! NALC’s Points of Light has a range of case studies from across the country of the amazing work councils are doing including other community awards.

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