Telebug Hotel opens in Brixham 06/07/2021

Brixham Town Council opens a Telebug Hotel in an adopted K6 telephone kiosk and supports the recycling of plastic crab lines.

Brixham Town Council has transformed three K6 red telephone kiosks into Telebug Hotels, creating mini wildlife havens in residential areas across the town.

The kiosks were adopted by the Town Council as part of BT’s Adopt a Kiosk scheme, costing just £1 each. The council resolved to transform them in line with its environmental ethos.

Each kiosk was given a fresh coat of red paint and the crowns were restored to their former glory. Telephone signage has been replaced, to proudly display Brixham Town Council and Telebug Hotel. The bug hotels have been created by the town’s Lengthsmen team using natural materials such as pine cones, bark and canes. The Telebug Hotel is being trialled in one kiosk over summer, and will be rolled out to the other two locations. Planters full of pollinator friendly plants have been attached to the outside of the kiosks; residents can already watch the bees busily collecting pollen.

One kiosk is located in a busy school catchment area, so artwork has been commissioned and professional graffiti artist Urban Gypset brought the kiosk to life.

Deputy Town Clerk, Linda McGuirk, said: “The community response to this project has been amazing and it’s not just land based wildlife that we are keen to protect! Brixham Town Council jumped at the chance to support a new initiative launched by The 365 Sea Swim Challenge CIC to protect local marine life too”.

The Crab Line Recycling Scheme was launched this summer by the community conservation and education group and quickly gather support. The Town Council and local businesses sponsored five Crab Line Recycling Bins. The bins are located around the harbour, which is a crabbing hotspot for tourists and locals. Local businesses have also pledged to reduce the amount of plastic crab lines they sell and now stock plastic free alternatives. During May half-term break, over 200 crab lines were deposited into the Crab Line Recycling Bins and will by collected by Odyssey Innovations to make ocean kayaks.

You can find other examples of what councils have done with K6 telephone boxes here.

Wild About Devon Initiative

Devon’s town and parish councils are being invited to join the Wild About Devon initiative including the Devon Parish and Town Council Wildlife Network. This is an excellent way for councils with a focus on the environment to share their experiences and expertise with other councils in Devon. Read more here. 


More photos showcasing the brilliant artwork by Urban Gypset and the planters filled with pollinator-friendly plants.