What resources would be helpful to your council in a community emergency? 15/02/2023

What resources would your council find helpful, should an emergency situation like the early lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic happen again?

The early stages of the pandemic were a challenging time for councils looking to help their communities and seeking advice on how to do so in a novel and rapidly changing situation.

In collaboration with Devon Communities Together, DALC is running a survey about what resources councils would find useful to assist them in helping their communities in an emergency. This work, funded by the Devon Recovery Co-ordination Group, will inform a wider project on how the public sector and voluntary community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector work together in Devon.

This short survey is about what resources your council would find helpful, and about the possibility of online resources for Devon based on existing ones used in North Yorkshire.

The closing date for the survey is Wednesday 8 March 2023. If you have any queries or issues regarding this survey, please contact DALC’s Policy Officer.

Share your views in our short survey